James Stachan's quote has really been taken out of context, and over-exagerated bu the Scala-fanboys.
If Scala had been what it is now, James would probably not have initiated Groovy *then*. But Scala was nascent just like Groovy *then*.
It's like if Gavin King had said that he wouldn't have invented Hibernate if JPA had existed... but JPA came ten years later.

This quote was really harmful, but as the saying goes, lots of water's gone through the bridges since then.

There's still the myth of slowliness, which we all know is not true anymore, even in pure dynamic mode (without even mentioning static compilation) 
Usually, you spend way more time in network latency (access to remote resources, access to database, etc) than waiting for the CPU spent by just the pure language execution time.

Also back on James Strachan: he went to play with Scala, then with Kotlin, and has come back to using Groovy.
He's using Groovy on a regular basis through his work with Jenkins, its pipelines, etc.
So he's back at his old love!

So let's turn the page on those stories, please.


On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 10:26 AM, Daniel Sun <realbluesun@hotmail.com> wrote:
The creator of Groovy said "I can honestly say if someone had shown me the
Programming in Scala book...". I think he compared Scala with the old
version of Groovy he created in about 2003. As we all know, Groovy has
evolved a lot, so I never care about others' out-dated opinions on Groovy :)

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