I see. Actually my idea was to populate the nodeMetaData map and access it via `class.metaClass.classNode.nodeMetaData`, but it seems not possible. 

But the the use of annotation sounds a nice idea. 


On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 2:35 PM, Cédric Champeau <cedric.champeau@gmail.com> wrote:
Unless you have an AST xform that takes that node metadata and injects it into bytecode in a way that it's available at runtime (say, within an annotation), no, it's not possible.

2018-02-08 14:30 GMT+01:00 Paolo Di Tommaso <paolo.ditommaso@gmail.com>:
Dear all, 

Is it possible to inject some values in a nodeMetaData during AST transformation and access such values at runtime  ?