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From Paul King <>
Subject Groovy Champions proposal feedback
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2018 09:58:31 GMT
Hi everyone,

A few of us have had various discussions (in fact over many years)
about having a recognition scheme similar to Java Champions,
perhaps called "Groovy Champions" or "Apache Groovy Champions"
or something else entirely if we think of a better name.

I think the idea has always been to recognize contribution within the
whole Groovy ecosystem not just the Apache Groovy project. The many
tens of projects within the ecosystem are often where many ideas come
from for the project's future evolution and also where future contributors
may arise. And in any case, Groovy has always been about making
coding productive and fun and we should celebrate that widely!

There are various questions to ask like should such a scheme
be formally coordinated by the project/by Apache or should it be run as a
community-driven unsanctioned activity and if so what guidelines should
be in place. Also, there are many details like how will the scheme operate?
How are new members elected? Is it a lifetime recognition or is there
an "emeritus" status? And so forth. Java Champions vote themselves
on new champions and the recognition has a lifetime status for instance.
if we progress this idea, we'd need to make that all clear but that isn't
the purpose of this email - we need to first decide if we like the idea.

Even if we like the idea, there are still some hurdles to step through.
We've already sought some informal feedback from other parts of
Apache and other projects within the Groovy Ecosystem and we'll
likely need further discussions. We want something that embraces
the whole community but fits in with Apache project governance
around trademarks/branding.

So, the first question is: are we as a project in favor of such a scheme?

Cheers, Paul.

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