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From Nathan Harvey <>
Subject Start a forum - continued
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2018 03:45:19 GMT
Once again I would like to bring up the idea of starting a forum using
Discourse. In particular, I would like to highlight some of the features
Discourse offers that are relevant to the mailing list, for those concerned
about making the switch:

- Supports replying to conversations and PMs via email out of the box
- Can be configured to allow starting conversations and private messages
via email
- Support SSO via numerous providers, so no need to create a separate

Discourse inherits all of the functionality of the mailing list (some
assembly required), and on top of that offers all the modern features you
would expect from a forum. It's free and it's open source. The Discourse
team will even offer free hosting and setup for open source projects like
Groovy. Many other projects like Kotlin utilize this system.

As for the problem of having "too many channels to manage" it would be
feasible to set up the forums to alert mailing list users that a new topic
has been started. This would help bridge the gap between the two platforms.

Many community members I have talked to would like a forum. If you agree,
please make your voice heard by responding. There is one problem left to
tackle with a forum, and that is Apache policy. According to Paul King,
"apache mandates the use of their own mailing lists for all official
discussions" although having a forum is of course allowed. To have an
official forum, we'd need "Apache approval" which presents "significant

In my mind, this makes the path forward obvious: we need a public forum,
but it NEEDS support from higher-ups on the Groovy team as well. It needs
to be advertised and linked to from the groovy site and things of that
nature. It should be pushed as much as possible. Otherwise, it seems nearly
pointless. Once again I think this can only happen with a large amount of
support from the community, so please chime in.

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