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From Basurita <>
Subject Groovysh initializing AWT
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2018 15:19:10 GMT
I'm trying to embed groovysh inside my application (which doesn't need anything from AWT o
GUI interaction).

I'm running on macOS, and when starting groovysh from the command line or from inside my application,
the graphical system (AWT, Swing?) starts,
giving me an application menu on the menu bar, an application icon on the command-tab switcher,

By doing some googling, I found that this is an old problem that has come and gone.
There's this "closed" issue from 2009
Also, the usual "fixes" of running with `-Djava.awt.headless=true`
I've seen some people complaining of problems on X, if the DISPLAY is not set correctly

My question is: why does it have to start the GUI in the first place?
Also, why was it resolved in the past, and reappeared again?
Does it happen in other platforms nowadays, appart from macOS?

Is there anyway to programmatically configure Groovysh so it doesn't happen?  (the tool and
the classes it uses are not well documented, so there's a
lot of source code reading involved)



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