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From Nathan Harvey <>
Subject Re: Sample Forum
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2018 17:25:28 GMT
As far as I am aware, it is not possible to have Discord post to the mailing
list. The "mailing list" abilities of Discourse far outpace the standard
mailing list that Apache has set up, due to the configuration options and
formatting abilities, etc.  I'll be talking to them about this as well to
see if they have any suggestions.

As for these other requirements, I'm 100% confident that Discourse meets

1. If a linked email is adequate proof, this is already perfect. Discourse
accounts are based on an email account which is publicly visible on all
profiles. If Apache has it's own account system that is OAuth2 compatible,
Discourse offers SSO capabilities for this as well.
2. All edits are visible to the public. For example, view this thread and
click the small pencil icon in the top right of the post. You will be able
to see the diff between edits. This is of course on top of the fact that
Discourse is completely open source and Apache is able to host it
3. I suppose this requirement is somewhat fulfilled because of the tight
email integration that makes it behave nearly identical to current mailing
4. Of course this is possible!
5. Yes, there are private categories on the forums.

Thanks for having an open mind.

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