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From Nathan Harvey <>
Subject Re: Start a forum - continued
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2018 19:02:30 GMT
Hi Jochen, I would like to once again stress the flow you can expect with
Discourse. You sign up one time, and check a box that you want to receive
emails. You will receive emails for every new post, and you can reply
straight from email. In this it is exactly like a mailing list and would
integrate with your workflow perfectly, while offering the option to use a
feature rich forum for those who want it. Conversations can take place
entirely within emails. Remember, this forum software was developed by
people who are used to mailing lists, and they take this behavior into

Having the forum send something to the mailing list would just help promote
the forum, it is not meant for users to be able to interact with. I think
actually a weekly digest sent to the mailing list would be better.

You can read more about Discourse's policies on free hosting for open source
projects here:

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