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From Russel Winder <>
Subject Re: About Gradle, Kotlin and Inner Fear
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2017 17:35:51 GMT
On Mon, 2017-11-27 at 16:58 +0900, Thibault Kruse wrote:
> So, roughly 18 months later, it seems that projects are not exactly
> flocking on hordes to kotlinscript-based gradle builds:
> allinurl: build.gradle  -kotlin-dsl -JetBrains-kotlin
> 37,300
> allinurl: build.gradle.kts -kotlin-dsl -JetBrains-kotlin
>  175

So what's the problem? I am very happy using Kotlin for Gradle builds,
especially in IntelliJ IDEA. Almost none of these are on GitHub. GitHub
is not the totality of the universe of programs. Also there is huge
inertia in any change, I am sure GitHub is also proof of this.

> And if I tried to remove all projects that are directly kotlin
> related, that number would be even lower.

Why is that an issue?

> So it seems both migrating from Groovy to Kotlin as well as starting
> new gradle projects with kotlin instead of groovy is not very popular
> for projects hosted on github so far, unless my google search query
> is
> flawed.

So maybe the problem is GitHub?

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