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From MG <>
Subject Consider statically typed/compiled as default for Groovy 3.0 - PS
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2017 12:05:42 GMT
PS: Just reread my post from yesterday, and wanted to add that I am of 
course happy that, like I said earlier, according to one study/metric it 
looks like Groovy is currently the #2 JVM language (with 3%) :-)
However, since it is "like Java, just better", I am convinced it could 
be much higher (and that to me is related to making static usage 
better/more convenient) - and one would not have to worry about Jetbrains...

(I am of course seeing this from the outside / a user's perspective - so 
if anyone has information that paints a different picture (see e.g. 
blackdrag's comment on the "DSL for Gradle" topic), please share / 

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