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From MG <>
Subject Re: Apache Groovy and language influences
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2017 19:39:52 GMT
Agree, good presentation - the attention to detail with regards to 
syntax shows perfectly why to me Groovy is superior to other existing 
languages (see e.g. the Range construct Groovy vs Ruby example).

Also the Kotlin examples you gave confirmed my dislike of the newest kid 
on the block (which currently uses its marketing power to muscle its way 
Any language that again gives us the syntactic monstrosity that is
val name: String = "abc"
(where it looks like you assign to the type instead of the variable), I 
hope I will never be forced to use.

Kotlin's support for non-nullable data types also seems a curious thing: 
Why introduce a relatively ugly syntax (e.g. "String?" for a 
non-nullable String), which forces the programmer to do non-null checks, 
instead of just suggesting developers use final + functional constructs 
everywhere ? While it helps to catch null-pointers as early as possible 
for debugging purposes, it still crashes your application - so avoiding 
this problem wherever possible is imho the way to go here...

Btw, what do you have to do to become a first class first-class Android 
language, and why isn't Groovy in the mix ?-)


On 05.10.2017 02:44, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
> Hi all,
> Earlier today at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, I did a 
> presentation on the cross influences between languages, where I'm 
> showing some of the languages that we were inspired from when we 
> created Groovy, and also how Groovy influenced other languages as well.
> Thought you might be interested in some of the background and history :-)
> Guillaume
> -- 
> Guillaume Laforge
> Apache Groovy committer & PMC Vice-President
> Developer Advocate @ Google Cloud Platform
> Blog:
> Social: @glaforge <> / Google+ 
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