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From MG <>
Subject Re: Possible New Groovy Features... - Deduce the type of final fields from their assigned value
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2017 22:45:41 GMT
Hi Paul,

On 21.08.2017 04:30, Paul King wrote:
> Deduce the type of final fields from their assigned value:
>     class Foo {
>     final device = new PrinterDevice(...) // device field will have
>     type PrinterDevice instead of Object when reflection is used on
>     class Foo
>     }
>     Rationale: While IntelliJ does a good job at deducing the type of
>     final fields, it would still be better if the Groovy language
>     itself would use the more specialized type here, for e.g.
>     reflection purposes
> With @Typechecked or @CompileStatic type inferencing is going to be in 
> play. During debugging the runtime type is going to be available. What 
> "reflective purposes" did you have in mind?

In my framework I iterate over the fields of classes, which are of type 
Object, if the have been defined in a compact way using just final, 
without an explicit type - it would be helpful to have the type here.
And in general it just feels like a lost opportunity that final 
fields/variables do not auto get the type of their assigned value - 
having more information available is never bad.
Of course I am talking about this naively from a user's perspective: Do 
you think adding this would a) be hard / time intensive (naively I would 
have thought no), b) break backwards comptability (since the final 
variable/field cannot be reassigned... (?))...


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