Hello Groovers,

I am the developer of Solvent (codesolvent.com), it a platform for doing web development via JSR-223 with Groovy being the primary language. The solvent developer environment is itself a web application with a back-end built entirely in Groovy via the JSR-223 Groovy scripting engine.

I am trying to bring it to the attention of the community as an option for doing web development besides Grail.

There is a demo system you can access @ http://demo.codesolvent.com:7000/
login: developer/developer

Be nice, this is a shared demo system that others need and you have full system access :)

to see a sample, open: /com/crudzilla/betaApp/web/language-test/groovy.ste

You can test by right-clicking then select "Open In Browser".

This could make Groovy very accessible to web developers as it gives an easy way to build applications out-of-the-box, not unlike using something like PHP.

I am hoping folks would be interested in reviewing it and sharing feedback. I am more than happy to give an in depth demo and answer questions. I am hoping to eventually have Solvent added to the list of Ecosystem solutions for Groovy.

I hope to hear back.