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From Ahm Avoby <>
Subject Minecraft modding with Groovy: @CompileStatic not statically compiling fields ?
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2017 19:52:51 GMT

I am a Groovy developer at work, and am trying to switch my sons 
Minecraft 1.11.2 project (Forge based) from Java to Groovy 2.4.11. Since 
the generated class files need to be obfuscated to work with Minecraft, 
I am using @CompileStatic, as suggested by another Minecraft developer, 
so that the Forge obfuscator finds the field/method names in the class 
files. This works in some cases, but when trying to access fields of the 
base class (e.g. net.minecraft.entity.Entity) I am encountering 

I don't have much experience using @CompileStatic (nor with Minecraft 
modding), but looking at the generated class files, it seems as if 
property (same for fields) access is not compiled statically, but 
remains a call to ScriptBytecodeAdapter.setProperty, with the property 
name given as a string literal (ergo the obfuscator won't see it, and 
the call in Minecraft will fail). I have explained this more in-depth 
with code samples on, but did not get a reply (

Can anyone confirm to me that what I am seeing is the excpected 
@CompileStatic behavior - so using @CompileStatic on all Groovy classes 
is not the solution to modding Minecraft with Groovy - or if there is 
something I can do differently ?

I would also be grateful for any other suggestion at a solution - I 
really would like to avoid having to revert the project back to its Java 
version :-)

Kind regards,

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