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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Minecraft modding with Groovy: @CompileStatic not statically compiling fields ?
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 08:19:38 GMT

On 10.06.2017 21:52, Ahm Avoby wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a Groovy developer at work, and am trying to switch my sons
> Minecraft 1.11.2 project (Forge based) from Java to Groovy 2.4.11. Since
> the generated class files need to be obfuscated to work with Minecraft,
> I am using @CompileStatic, as suggested by another Minecraft developer,
> so that the Forge obfuscator finds the field/method names in the class
> files. This works in some cases, but when trying to access fields of the
> base class (e.g. net.minecraft.entity.Entity) I am encountering
> groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException|s.

you need the obfuscation to be able to call into the obfuscated 
minecraft code I assume. It sounds very much like a bug if calling to a 
accessible super class field ends up in a MissingPropertyException. Is 
it possible for you to make a small example? Though I had assumed, that 
if you use forge, you do not need to do that anymore. Well, modding on 
minecraft is not unknown to me, but I never tried to mod myself. So of 
course I have no idea about the details.

> I don't have much experience using @CompileStatic (nor with Minecraft
> modding), but looking at the generated class files, it seems as if
> property (same for fields) access is not compiled statically, but
> remains a call to ScriptBytecodeAdapter.setProperty, with the property
> name given as a string literal (ergo the obfuscator won't see it, and
> the call in Minecraft will fail). I have explained this more in-depth
> with code samples on, but did not get a reply (

Frankly, about every setProperty/getProperty call in @CompileStatic is 
not right and needs fixing.

> Can anyone confirm to me that what I am seeing is the excpected
> @CompileStatic behavior - so using @CompileStatic on all Groovy classes
> is not the solution to modding Minecraft with Groovy - or if there is
> something I can do differently ?

That is not the expected behaviour, no. If you can provide samples, 
especially a small script, that shows the problem but has no other 
dependencies, you would help us to fix this.

As for obfuscation in Groovy in general... I think it can be done, but 
there are some limitations, even with @CompileStatic. Our final goal for 
@CompileStatic is to have a runtime, that has only the minimum required 
dynamic elements, but right now we have a lot of methods, that you 
usually call, that have more a naming convention, than anything else. 
And such conventions do not translate to obfuscation well. For example 
doCall in Closure, asBoolean, and iterator are very central here, as 
they are called from the runtime dynamically even if @CompileStatic is 
used. But excluding those few would then already do the job.. well... in 
theory... if @CompileStatic does not fall back to a dynamic setProperty 
for a reason it should not do that of course.

> I would also be grateful for any other suggestion at a solution - I
> really would like to avoid having to revert the project back to its Java
> version :-)

depending on the problem we could fix it and ensure there is a speedy 
2.4.12. Other solution my also require knowing the nature of the problem 

bye Jochen

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