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From Guillaume Laforge <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] MirComp 1.0.0-alpha.1 Released
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2017 12:24:13 GMT
Congrats on the release!
I need to get back into music :-)

On Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 5:21 PM, Mirco <> wrote:

> Hi Apache Groovy community,
> I have the pleasure to announce the release of the first alpha version of
> MirComp, the framework for algorithmic and assisted music composition.
> The new website is online with some basic information on how to download,
> install and launch the application:
> Some notes (not in particular order):
> The application is still not completely stable and has some issues but it
> is usable and I was eager to release the prototype :-)
> Even developers without an interest in music can use MirIDE, the main
> application of MirComp, as a multitab alternative to the groovy console by
> simply creating new scripts from the main menu (or from a project) and
> using the "Run" action to execute groovy code (however in case you want
> full control as in the groovyConsole you have to switch off the sandbox and
> compilestatic options by uncheck the voices in the menu). Moreover, since
> my neural network library MiRNN is included in the distribution it is
> possible to make general AI test (even unrelated to music).
> I wish that thanks to MirComp the Groovy language could play an important
> role in the algorithmic music field. Indeed, since when I started designing
> the framework I have always seen mirchord/groovy as a loose analogy of
> html/javascript: MirChord is a declarative notation language while groovy
> should be used for music logic.
> Moreover, my hope is that MirComp could let musicians to gently approach
> the amazing world of computer programming in a fascinating and artistic
> context.
> MirComp has beeen tested under Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 but should work
> under OSX as well so a feedbak from Mac users would be very appreciated.
> For example I noted during the development several different behaviors in
> Windows and Linux (just as an example the cut/paste of text with ctrl+c/v
> in the code editor needed some more hacking on Linux).
> You know, as an old joke said: "Write once, debug everywhere!"
> Actually, any kind of feedback is welcome.
> MirComp  requires a recent version Java 8 (preferably >= 1.8.0_74) and
> uses the indy version of Groovy (2.4.10) even if most of the code is
> statically compiled.
> Enjoy groovy music (and AI)... in Groovy!
> Mirco

Guillaume Laforge
Apache Groovy committer & PMC Vice-President
Developer Advocate @ Google Cloud Platform

Social: @glaforge <> / Google+

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