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From Mirco <>
Subject Computer Music and AI in Groovy
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2016 14:08:25 GMT
Hi folks,

just a short message for groovy developers with an interest in computer
I've created an open source music framework named MirComp... in Groovy, of
Here's the github code site:
for the moment just some demos and screenshots but a pre-alpha application
and the actual site with a little bit of documentation is coming, so stay
For news about the progress this is my (brand-new)  twitter account:

In addition, for AI enthusiasts I've implemented a recurrent neural network
library (again, in Groovy!) that you can find here:
More specifically is a generalized Long short-term memory (g-LSTM for
short), a very popular architecture to predict time series (among the

Happy and Groovy New Year!


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