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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Using indy vs call-site
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 21:34:37 GMT
On 24.08.2016 22:33, Winnebeck, Jason wrote:
> You mentioned the PIC limitation of 1 in Groovy, suggesting that monomorphic call sites
are efficient in dynamic Groovy, but not polymorphic or megamorphic ones. Is the call site
considered polymorphic or monomorphic if the method called is via a common interface?
> void rot90(Shape s) {
>    s.rotate(90)
> }
> for (Shape s in (large list of squares, triangles, circles, etc.)) {
>    rot90(s)
> }

that is not monomorphic in Groovy.

> You mentioned that indy takes more setup for call site caching, does that imply that
an application relying on a large number of poly/megamorphic call sites is better served by
the pre-indy method?

in tight loops with current Groovy, yes. This holds, till we change things

bye Jochen

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