Ok, that seems like a really GOSU trick.  Might try to try that when i get back there.

Gerald R. Wiltse

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I  had to do this in one of my apps.

I used  java’s nameUUIDFromBytes from java.util


UUID.nameUUIDFromBytes(map.v as byte[]).toString()


If I read the docs right, it uses sha-1 under the hood.


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Here is how I would do it. I provide both a “short” solution and a “long” one. I would use the “short” solution if I was making for example a developer only tool and I knew I was only hashing small things for example a configuration file in a build script and want a one-liner. Otherwise I’d use the “long” version.


//If the content is guaranteed to be short:

def content = new ByteArrayInputStream("Here be dragons".bytes)

println MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA1").digest(content.bytes).encodeHex()


//If the content might be arbitrarily long:

content = new ByteArrayInputStream("Here be dragons".bytes)

def digest = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA1")

content.eachByte(4096) { bytes, len ->

  digest.update(bytes, 0, len)


println digest.digest().encodeHex()




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Hello All, 


I have this block, it's pretty compressed, just wondering if there is a more groovy way to handle reading the buffer and computing the hash.  


        def messageDigest = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA1")

        def dis = new DigestInputStream(content, messageDigest)

        byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];

        while (dis.read(buffer) != -1) {}

        def sha1Hex = new BigInteger(1, messageDigest.digest()).toString(16).padLeft(40, '0')


Gerald R. Wiltse


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