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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: XmlSlurper, attributes and namespaces
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2016 11:19:55 GMT
Yes, I think it is a bug. I thought we had a workaround using star,
i.e. node.@'*:attributeName', much like node.'*:tagName' but the
attribute version with star doesn't work either.

On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 7:43 PM, Pascal Schumacher
<> wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> I do not know. It would be nice if you would create a jira issue for this.
> Thanks,
> Pascal
> Am 01.03.2016 um 21:21 schrieb Winnebeck, Jason:
>> I can at least give the technical reason why this doesn't work -- there is
>> namespaceMap and namespaceTagHints in GPathResult. namespaceMap is updated
>> by declareNamespace but namespaceTagHints is not. I don't see a way to
>> update namespaceTagHints and namespaceMap doesn't really even seem to be
>> used. This seems like a bug in GPathResult?
>> Jason
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>> From: Winnebeck, Jason []
>> Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2016 3:03 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: XmlSlurper, attributes and namespaces
>> I've been struggling for a long time with XmlSlurper in how I can read
>> attributes. Unfortunately, I have an XML document with namespaces. I wish I
>> could ignore the namespaces, but while XmlSlurper no-arg constructor says it
>> ignores namespaces, it does not. When using two-arg constructor to set
>> namespaceAware to false it just asks like namespaced elements are deleted.
>> So I'm trying to figure out how to specify namespaces:
>> import groovy.xml.*
>> def text = """<x:root xmlns:x="blah">
>>    <x:child x:id='1'>c</x:child>
>> </x:root>"""
>> def xml =
>>      new XmlSlurper()
>>          .parseText(text)
>>          .declareNamespace(x:'blah')
>> //        .declareNamespace(t:'blah')
>> println xml.child.text()     //"c" always
>> println xml.'x:child'.text() //"c" when declareNamespace x println
>> xml.'t:child'.text() //"c" when declareNamespace t
>> println xml.child.'@x:id'    //"1" always
>> println xml.child.'@t:id'    //"" always
>> It appears that specifying namespace is optional on elements and also
>> declareNamespace affects how I find the elements when they do have
>> namespaces. For attributes, declareNamespace appears to have no effect, and
>> I need to specify the prefix as it is specified in the file itself. The
>> problem is that the generator gets to specify any prefix they want. How can
>> I get the "id" attribute on the "child" element regardless of the namespace
>> prefix used? (A solution dropping all namespaces is fine as there is only
>> one namespace and no collisions).
>> Thanks,
>> Jason Winnebeck
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