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From OC <>
Subject interface/implementation patten (was: Proxying how to?!?)
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2016 16:59:28 GMT
Oh, by the way,

On 30. 3. 2016, at 17:12, Jochen Theodorou <> wrote:
> This again forces people to split their classes in interfaces and implementations

reminded me another question of mine. I actually want to embrace this pattern for a long time
(after all, I am used to it from ObjC), but there are two problems:

(a) interfaces cannot contain static methods

I am afraid there would be no solution at all in Java-based world, or does Groovy bring some?

(b) they force me to maintain two parallel hierarchies, like

interface Foo {
  def foo();
class Foo_Implementation implements Foo {
  def foo() { ... }
  def myfoo() { ... }
interface Bar implements Foo {
  def bar();
class Bar_Implementation extends Foo_Implementation implements Bar {
  def bar() { ... }

with a high danger of a mistake leading to inconsistence of these two hierarchies. Not speaking
of the factory pattern to replace those pesky static methods, which would, alas, add a third
hierarchy for factories; if I wanted to use interface/implementations for factories too, I
get _four_ parallel hierarchies, which need to keep consistent! Quadruple ick.

Is there some trick in Groovy which makes this task groovier (or at the very least reasonably
manageable), or am I up to my own source preprocessor and/or ASTTs (which again would clash
with traits :/ )?

Thanks a lot,

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