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From polbotinka <>
Subject AST transformation in CLASS_GENERATION phase
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2016 08:26:50 GMT

I'm working on a custom AST transformation that needs a static type data.
Basically want i want to do is to add an assignment expression that takes
the closure inferred return type and set it to some field:

I'm getting a closure return type using:

But the problem is that it's populated with return type during
INSTRUCTION_SELECTION phase. Therefore I'm applying my AST during next phase
which is CLASS_GENERATION. I'm adding the ExpressionStatement but it doesn't
seem to work. If I change the CompilePhase to SEMANTIC_ANALYSIS the
assignment expression works but I don't have
StaticTypesMarker.INFERRED_RETURN_TYPE populated for closure.

The questions are:
1. I would like to know if it is possible to add expression statements to
the AST during CLASS_GENERATION phase? I doesn't seem to work for me.
Documentation is not clear here: 

2. If it is not possible to modify AST during CLASS_GENERATION  then is it
legal to use StaticTypeCheckingVisitor.visitClosure to get closure inferred
return type during SEMANTIC_ANALYSIS phase?
3. Are there any other options I might have missed?

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