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From OC <>
Subject Proxying how to?!? (was: changing dynamically the name of classes in a source code)
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2016 16:15:40 GMT

On 28. 3. 2016, at 18:10, OC <> wrote:
> completely absurd and very anti-object-oriented) “Cannot cast object” exception.

... this reminded me of a problem I so far haven't been able to find a proper solution for:
how the heck do you proxy in Groovy?

In ObjC, I can write

@interface AnyClassOfMine:Beanlike
@property NSString *name;
@implementation AnyClassOfMine @end

@interface DumbProxy:Beanlike
@property id server;
@implementation DumbProxy
-forwardingTargetForSelector:(SEL)sel { return self.server; }

id objects=@[[AnyClassOfMine new:@"name":@"Direct"],[DumbProxy new:@"server":[AnyClassOfMine
for (AnyClassOfMine *o in objects) NSLog(@"got %@",;

and it works precisely as assumed, writing out

2016-03-29 17:57:37.501 a.out[5387:707] got Direct
2016-03-29 17:57:37.503 a.out[5387:707] got Proxied

(Note if interested: the Beanlike superclass is irrelevant, it just simulates the new Foo(bar:bax)
functionality of Groovy, which ObjC does not have, by implementing the new:(property-name):(value)

Groovy -- unlike pure Java -- is smart enough to allow me to _implement_ such a proxy, but
for sweet world, I cannot find a way to _use_ it?

class AnyClassOfMine {
  def name

class DumbProxy {
  def server
  def propertyMissing(String name) {

def objects=[new AnyClassOfMine(name:"Direct"),new DumbProxy(server:new AnyClassOfMine(name:"Proxied"))]
for (AnyClassOfMine o in objects) println "got $"

Alas, instead of working as expected, this fails with the aforementioned nonsensical exception:

got Direct
Caught: org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object 'DumbProxy@73f43791'
with class 'DumbProxy' to class 'AnyClassOfMine'

How do you write and use a proxy in Groovy, so that it works properly?

(Note: “for (o in objects) ...” would work is this case, but would bring other problems,
e.g., if there was a method “foo(AnyClassOfMine obj)“ called as “for (o in objects)
foo(o)”, it would cause “No signature of method is applicable for argument types: (DumbProxy)”.)

Thanks a lot,

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