I just got @Log to work in some test classes, then learned that  @Log annotations do not work in scripts. Is this true? If so, is there some workaround that exists?  I assume this is true for all @annotations and scripts, so it seems pretty sad if there's no way to do it. 

I'm basing that conclusion on this post, and my own error. 

If that is the case, maybe someone can help me with a solution : 

Our use case is this: 

Our scripts are launched on a scheduled basis by the JVM
Several class files are called throughout the execution of each script
For each execution, we want the script and any called classes to share one log
This means all logging configuration would have to be programmatic / dynamic

The hope is that the script can define the log based on variables at execution time, and then the classes will somehow "Inherit" the variable from the script that called it. 

Does this seem possible?