Rather sounds like our docs could use a second viewpoint for those many peoplewho know nothing about I.T. at all, or just dipping their toe in the proverbial waters of hacking rather than the pros who already do this 4 a living. Something like a walk-thru of why would we do this? How do you waLk a file tree? When would a URL be needed? Whats a 'Rest' service? How do other languagessolve this issue and why should i usegroovy ?

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On 8 Jan 2016, at 20:25, Gerald Wiltse <jerrywiltse@gmail.com> wrote:

I understand, you are probably right. 

I will use this opportunity to point out what I feel is a significant problem in general for people in my situation (sometimes). I'm not a java developer, and am only trying to teach myself groovy. The problem is that many groovy documents and examples assume you are a Java developer trying to transition. Not a super huge deal, and probably unavoidable given the circumstances, but it's a noteworthy barrier to adoption and learning for the novice. I'm glad the Groovy team is working on new features, not trying to port endless examples and use cases from Java to Groovy, however unfortunately for me, many of my problems are a result of this situation. 

Gerald R. Wiltse

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 1:53 PM, Jochen Theodorou <blackdrag@gmx.org> wrote:
but I must say, I would not classify your question as a Groovy novice question. @Log just uses normal logger, if you want more, you have to set a logger that can do the things you want...  which is actually more a java question then

Am 08.01.2016 um 19:47 schrieb Gerald Wiltse:
Ok, you guys got it :)

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    I confirm what Pascal said.$
    I give you my perspective on SO:
    I do try to answer as many question over at SO as possible... of the
    few Tim does leave me ;) But recently I had not so much time and the
    wrong setup to do these things, so I was not very active there...
    and even then it is easy to oversee an question at SO for me.

    bye blackdrag

    Am 08.01.2016 um 16:37 schrieb Pascal Schumacher:

        Hi Jerry,

        I think it is perfectly fine to send novice questions to the mailing
        list. There were a lot of these on the old user list at codehaus.


        Am 8. Januar 2016 16:02:58 MEZ, schrieb Gerald Wiltse
        <jerrywiltse@gmail.com <mailto:jerrywiltse@gmail.com>>:

             I don't feel right posting novice level questions to the
        user group
             because it seems it should be more for language-level

             At the same time, I'm stuck when I don't get any responses to
             Groovy-related questions on StackOverflow:


             Is there any novice level Groovy-Specific forum, IRC Room, or
             otherwise, where such questions would be appropriate?

             It's also hard because so many solutions on the internet
        are for
             Grails or Gradle, and as a novice who does not use those,
        I'm just
             not sure how many of those things translate to my use cases.

             Also, FYI, Thanks to everyone who does post answers to
        questions on
             Stackoverflow/exchange/etc (special mention to Tim Yates, who's
             posts are always amazing).


             Gerald R. Wiltse
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