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From Александр Решитько <>
Subject Convenient API reference
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2016 00:42:04 GMT
Hi everyone.

Coming from the world of python recently I got used to an interactive
to writing scripts - you write a code, once you've stuck you ask and
interpreter gives you an answer. Python (and especially ipython shell)
gives you very convenient tools for this. Can you please tell me is there
at least close to this in a groovy world?

I give you some cases:

- given an instance of a class in a groovy shell list it's available
methods (the only thing I came up with is using a
- given a Class name find out it's API and at least short descriptions for
its members (for
  example groovy's File class has a neat method eachLine which I couldn't
  neither in Oracle's Java official online API reference nor in Groovy's GDK
  reference - it might be there but I haven't found it when I needed it).
  result is that I use google in such cases which isn't the right way to do
  IMHO. groovysh doesn't always give auto complete suggestions for such
  cases also.
- given a class method get it's documentation

Now, in Python all these tasks can be solved very easy and you don't get
distracted by them in the process of writing your code. Is there at least
something to make a life of a beginner groovy developer easier. IDE's can
be an option but many times all you need is just a simple script and to
start a heavy IDE application and create a project for it is again a very
tedious approach.

Thank you..

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