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From Guillaume Laforge <>
Subject Re: GGTS
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2016 16:18:59 GMT
Agreed with your analysis Jochen.

On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 5:09 PM, Jochen Theodorou <> wrote:
> On 22.01.2016 11:34, Guillaume Laforge wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> As Pivotal stopped the development & maintenance of GGTS, you won't
>> see a new version anytime soon, unfortunately.
>> I'm not 100% sure what's the state of the Eclipse plugin though,
>> perhaps the situation is better there (I'm using IntelliJ IDEA myself,
>> so I can't comment)
>> That said, the developers of GGTS (and actually of the Eclipse plugin
>> too) are willing to help someone who'd want to ramp up and contribute
>> to the development, in case you'd be interested in helping!
> It is actually quite sad... I mean we are kind of loosing all those
> developers that are forced to use Eclipse.. ahem... and those that simply
> prefer Eclipse of Idea. It is an entry barrier... they try the plugin out,
> maybe it is then not working any more, because nobody helped keeping it
> up-to-date with Eclipse and then they think Groovy is stupid and unusable...
> end of story.
> But given the current situation I don't know anyone having spare cycles to
> spend on the eclipse plugin. There have been some people in the past saying
> they may help the eclipse plugin, but if they will actually do something is
> yet to be seen I think. So there is interest, but time is missing... and
> eclipse/JDt is not something you can get into on a weekend.
> So even though I am not using Eclipse anymore myself, I would be quite happy
> in seeing the groovy eclipse plugin to continue living. I mean it is in a
> pretty good shape right now... but it needs people keeping it in sync with
> eclipse, even if they fix not a single bug.
> bye Jochen

Guillaume Laforge
Apache Groovy committer & PMC member
Product Ninja & Advocate at Restlet

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