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From "Deng, Lea" <>
Subject "continue" does not continue the while loop after an assertion fails
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2016 00:50:49 GMT
I'm using Soap UI and Groovy Script to go through a xml response with many Decision elements.
My Groovy Script refers to a DataSource 'Decision Exclusion List RMA/2010/33789' for a list
of exlusion text to search for in the xml response.
I search for each DecisionCode read from the DataSource, then extract the xml lines for this
DecisionCode element, then look for the exlusion text within them.
If the DecisionCode can not be found within the xml text, then I assert a failure, and continue
the loop.
However, the test does not continue. It stops after the failed assertion.

Is that because "continue" does not work from within if { } ?

Please see my code below:


//(singleConsentString contains the xml text to search through)

def exlusionList = testRunner.testCase.testSteps['Decision Exclusion List RMA/2010/33789']
// refer to another DataSource test step to get a list of exlusion text

def counter = 0
        counter ++"counter for decision exlusion list: " + counter)
        decisionCode = exlusionList.getPropertyValue('PathwayDecisionCode')
        decisionDescription = exlusionList.getPropertyValue('PathwayDecisionDescription')

        // search for the DecisionCode in xml text
        int startIndexDecision = singleConsentString.indexOf('<a:DecisionCode>'+decisionCode+'</a:DecisionCode>')'logging start index of Decision:  ' + startIndexDecision)

        // if DecisionCode is not found, assert a failure, and continue the loop;
        if (startIndexDecision < 0){
      'Check Decision Code Failed because Pathway data does not contain
Decision Code: '+decisionCode)
                assert startIndexDecision >= 0, "Failed because "+decisionCode+" is not
found in Pathway data, thus index is less than 0"
                continue // this does not work

        // if DecisionCode is found, then extract the xml lines for this DecisionCode, and
check for DecisionDescription as well.
        else {
                String subStringDecision = singleConsentString.substring(startIndexDecision)
                int endIndexDecision = subStringDecision.indexOf('</a:DecisionEntity>')
                singleDecisionString = subStringDecision.substring(0,endIndexDecision)
      'logging singe decision:  '+ singleDecisionString)

                assert singleDecisionString.contains(decisionCode)&& singleConsentString.contains(decisionDescription)

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