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From Gerald Wiltse <>
Subject Exciting Use Case for Groovy - Log Analytics
Date Wed, 30 Dec 2015 21:46:22 GMT
We are going to use Groovy for more-than-trivial log-parsing and
analytics.  The groovy language native functionality seems fairly-well
suited for this, but probably far from purpose-built Query Languages.

Is it well-suited enough to simply teach a dev-ops team to write the rules
in native groovy with closures (none of them know groovy)? Or, should I try
to create a SQL-like Query Language within groovy for this (which will be
more familiar to the average sysadmin/dba)?  Is that the idea behind
creating DSL's?  But is that just re-inventing the wheel and overkill for a
small IT company? Should I instead look to integrate one of the countless
new and exciting query/analytics languages into Groovy?  If so, do any make
particular sense?

I know... every answer depends on requirements/context. The JVMs that runs
the scripts each monitor about 15-25 servers, run one copy of the script
for each server every 5 minutes, and return 5-500 log lines each time. We
currently support about 20 of these JVM's, scaling to 50 or 100 in the next
year.  If we are successful, we might make a specialty practice out of this
form of specialized log-parsing as a service, so efficiency, scalability,
modularity, flexibility... all very real factors.

I'm not sure if much of the Groovy community is aware, but Logicmonitor is
an amazing SAAS based infrastructure monitoring tool that enables users to
write custom Groovy scripts to be embedded and executed for monitoring
purposes. They just added powershell, but it was groovy-only for a few
years now.

I've been using these to do custom monitoring of Oracle-based applications
for a year (mostly JMX and JDBC queries with lots of math and logic). It's
really starting to come together as a contender in the dev-ops monitoring

They've now added more robust Log-File support, enabling digestion of log
files in groovy scripts for the stated purposes of alerting based on what
is returned from the script, this is why I am looking for advise on the
best approach.

Gerald R. Wiltse
248-893-9110 (c)
888-248-7095 (p)
888-272-6046 (f)

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