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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Question about GroovyClassLoader, Imoprt, and ContentAssist
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2015 08:49:54 GMT
On 18.12.2015 20:12, Gerald Wiltse wrote:
> Problem, This appears to be possible using GroovyClassLoader() (and
> several people have posted how-tos). However, the problem I have that
> nobody else seems to reference is that this strategy means that content
> assist will never be able to identify your classes and methods, and your
> code will be full of underlines, and receive no error checking. (eclipse
> and otherwise i would think).

if the scripts are available to the IDE and in the right position 
(eclipse needs them to be in the right folders according to the package 
structure), then it should work

> As I was building my project, I was creating the scripts and the classes
> in the package just like normal a program. When I add my import
> statements for my custom classes, Eclipse recognizes everything and
> content assist is happy. However, despite content assist being
> satisfied, it hits a snag when I try to execute a script because eclipse
> returns: unable to resolve class (presumably because it's still only a
> groovy file, and not compiled to a class file).

if eclipse tries to execute the class directly, then it won't work, yes. 
You can use GroovyMain#main and the script as first argument for this 
though... I did that all the time. The JVM needs some kind of starter 
for the groovy scripts, since it does not understand groovy sciprts. If 
that is GroovyMain, or something you wrote, which uses GroovyClassLoader 
does not really matter. Eclipse does imho a compilation and then uses 
the class to run the program. The setup with GroovyMain is something I 
always do manually.

> So, I looked around and it looks like I have to comment out the import
> statement, and then use groovyclassloader to parse the groovy file
> instead. However, this has the negative side effect of breaking content
> assist.

well, it is a bit unclear to me how you actually start the program now.

> Question: Are my conclusions above all basically correct?
> Suggestion: Is there any known way to have content-assist work
> along-side with GroovyClassLoader? Maybe some way to tell it to ignore
> failed imports or something?

failed imports cannot be ignored, no. But I think it is really more a 
problem of your setup. Maybe you should describe the following things:
(1) how exactly do you start the groovy program?
(2) what is your file structure?

After that we can maybe help.

bye Jochen

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