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From Guillaume Laforge <>
Subject Re: A Brief History of Groovy
Date Sat, 10 Oct 2015 12:53:05 GMT
Another thing about James: he played with Scala for about a year then (when
he made that quote), even rewrote a version of ActiveMQ in Scala (which got
ditched because it Scala didn't perform well for that use case), then he
contributed to Kotlin for a year or so, then moved back to Java! And
nowadays, he's doing again quite a bit of Groovy for Continous Delivery
with Jenkins Flow! (which is a Groovy DSL)

Check out those two tweets from James:


On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 at 8:55 PM, Guillaume Laforge <>

> On the infamous quote, I've also replied to a Quora question there:
> Basically, I often try to make parallels.
> For instance, if JPA had existed 10 years before, would someone like Gavin
> King had created Hibernate? Likely not.
> So if language X had offered the same level of productivity as Groovy on
> the JVM, when Groovy was created, the itch to scratch to create something
> like that wouldn't have been there.
> Anyhow, leaders, committers, advocates come and go.
> James worked a couple of years on Groovy, or three, and then moved on to
> create ActiveMQ, then later on ServiceMix, etc.
> James is a very creative person, and moves his attentions to newer
> projects.
> Other folks like to finish things through, and spend time to achieve their
> goals for the project.
> An OSS project needs different kind of persons, I think.
> I'll always be grateful to James for giving me the chance to work on such
> a wonderful and lovely project.
> It was the beginning of my career when I started on Groovy, and I had the
> change to learn a lot from working with him.
> On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 at 7:30 PM, Owen Rubel <> wrote:
>> I write a few articles about Groovy and every now and then I have a Scala
>> fanatic through the James Strachan quote in my face. You know the one? The
>> one where he is quoted on a Scala blog saying how if he had known about
>> Scala when he was writing Groovy, he would have never created it'??
>> I always like to say to people that he wasn't that involved with the
>> project and he left early on... but I always wanted to know what happened.
>> And the truth would make you so proud of your current leaders that I had to
>> share.
>> Apparently as the team was pushing to hit their 1.0 launch, James was
>> dragging his feet and there was some pushback (at least from what I can
>> tell).
>> This all came to a head when James published an article on his blog
>> entitled 'Groovy is Dead' (article not available - if someone has this, I
>> would LOVE to read).
>> The community response? Calm, cool, collected. Some even considered the
>> response as positive feedback for the project. Others defended him and said
>> that it was unfair to ask him to leave the project. All in all, I was
>> amazed to see the level of cool heads to the kind of attack that was
>> leveled at a project that was still 'alpha'.
>> As we all know, Guillaume took over the project and has been a stellar
>> leader since then. This was his initial post on the matter showing his
>> leadership skills even back then...
>> Why do I bring this up? Two reason... to understand the day to day of
>> what our leaders go through and to understand that we ALL have the ability
>> to be 'James'
>> I realize myself in reading that that there are people who want me to do
>> well, that want me to succeed in spite of myself. There will always be
>> those who will be naysayers out there but for the few who believe you have
>> something, do it for them... rise to the occassion.
>> If you can stay afloat, tomorrow may bring 2.0 of your life!
>> So with that... the next time someone tells you that quote oj James
>> Strachan know two things: James was probably still upset and Scala appeals
>> to a different group of people.
>> Also remember how our current leaders didn't falter and rose to the
>> occasion. And let that smile comes to mind whenever those Scala guys try to
>> bring you down. :)
>> Owen Rubel
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Guillaume Laforge
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Product Ninja & Advocate at Restlet <>

Social: @glaforge <> / Google+

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