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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject Re: Groovy category throwing MissingMethodException and MissingPropertyException when using multiple threads
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2015 09:10:49 GMT
On 29.10.2015 21:00, Remi Forax wrote:
> Hi Jochen,
> line 75:
>    atomicCategoryUsageCounter.incrementAndGet();
>    categoriesInUse = atomicCategoryUsageCounter.get();
> you increment the counter and then get the value, but another thread can change the counter
in between,
> in that case you end up with the wrong value.

yes, I know that. The question is what nature the wrong value has. The 
method that checks if a category is in use in the current thread only 
checks for categoriesInUse>0. So even if the number is wrong, as long as 
it is >0 there is no problem. The exact number is stored in 
atomicCategoryUsageCounter. I guess the code could be changed to use a 
boolean instead and then it would be:

categoriesInUse = atomicCategoryUsageCounter.get() >0;

It would show the intent better I think... On the other hand, your 

> The fix is to ask for the value of the counter at the same time,
>     categoriesInUse = atomicCategoryUsageCounter.incrementAndGet();

Is more near the current logic and I really ask myself, why I forgot 
that you can get the value here right away ;) That's a fix we can do 
very easily, thanks.

> line 99:
>    atomicCategoryUsageCounter.getAndDecrement();
>    categoriesInUse = atomicCategoryUsageCounter.get();
> same issue, the fix is
>    categoriesInUse = atomicCategoryUsageCounter.decrementAndGet();
> Note: I've replaced getAndDecrement by decrementAndGet to keep the same semantics.

thanks, will do those changes, My gut feeling though is, that this is 
not the real issue. But can't hurt to make the code more safe in this 
manner, since it does not add new synchronization points.

bye blackdrag

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