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From Jochen Theodorou <>
Subject peristant and immutable collections
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2015 08:55:08 GMT
Hi all,

I was thinking of adding persistent collections to Groovy for quite a 
while now. but I am wondering what library we should depend on here and 
wanted to ask what you people generally use. Like pcollections, Guava, 
functional Java, maybe stuff from Clojure or Scala?


persistent collection are collections (may or may not implement the 
Collection interface) which cannot be modified later on. they have 
nothing to do with persisting data in a database or on hard disc. They 
are just more functional structures. Even though you cannot modify them, 
you can combine the structure with new elements and get a new structure. 
So a list+element will create a new list consisting of the old list and 
the new element. But they will not just copy over data, they will reuse 
the internal structure of the old list. A very simple form is that of a 
filo stack. It can be a simple linked list of elements and we add the 
new element in front, letting us to reuse the old list to almost 100% 
and to create only a very small amount of new objects. There are of 
course lists, sets and maps.

So why use them? Unlike unmodifiable made collections in Java, these 
persistent collections are relatively safe to share between threads with 
minimal synchronizations. Also, if you are working with functional 
idioms they are more fitting the implicit assumptions of the data not 
being modifiable.

Java collections are in general a bad fit here, since Collections are 
more or less assumed to be modifiable. pcollections for example tries to 
bridge that. In a Java8 world there is of course streams, which are a 
much better fit in that.

bye blackdrag

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