Unfortunately, no.  It was a subproject of Groovy that isn't actively maintained.  And actually, I don't think any of these were migrated either
I think these have already been merged into Groovy and are unneeded
I'm not sure whether these are needed

If anybody knows which ones we need to pull, please speak up.  I'm not sure which of these projects had documentation pages (I'd bet at least a few had none), but personally I'm more concerned about getting the sources than the docs.


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Hi Keegan,

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I've never had cause to use this functionality, so forgive my ignorance.  Where did this repo move after the Codehaus shutdown?  http://svn.codehaus.org/groovy/modules/scriptom/trunk/ It doesn't look like it was included in the Codehaus mirrors

Indeed, I don't think it's been moved anywhere.

Groovy migrated themselves out - I didn't take a copy of their SCM repos.  All repositories that I could find clones of on the internet were migrated to github (codehaus) account.  If the original owner pesters me I remove the repos from the codehaus account / provide links to the new locations.

And did the documentation get moved as well? 

No it hasn't moved either.

There is a backup of Confluence - but it is non-trivial to restore things from.

Wasn't this migrated with the Groovy project?