The CodeNarc Team is proud to announce the release of version 0.24.

CodeNarc is a static analysis tool for Groovy source codeVersion 0.24 adds a new sortable HTML report, and provides the beta release of a mechanism for excluding a set of baseline violations

 Version 0.24 also adds 3 new rules (bringing the total to 346 rules), and several bug fixes and other enhancements. 

New Rules:
  • AssignmentToStaticFieldFromInstanceMethod rule (design) - Checks for assignment to a static field from an instance method.
  • ClassNameSameAsSuperclass rule (naming) - Checks for any class that has an identical name to its superclass.
  • InterfaceNameSameAsSuperInterface rule (naming) - Checks for any interface that has an identical name to its super-interface.

See the full details in the release notesCheck us out on GitHub!

The Grails CodeNarc Plugin has been updated to version 0.24 as well.