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From Duncan Dickinson>
Subject groovy.sql Documentation and the doco process
Date Sun, 05 Jul 2015 21:52:03 GMT
Hi All,

I noticed that the "Working with a relational database" section of the
documentation is empty: .
However there does appear to be doco in
- is this something just awaiting the next website refresh?

I was thinking that I could add to the documentation so read up on Peter
L's how-to blog post. It all looks straight forward but I'm keen not to
start something that's already being worked on - hence this email to check

Lastly, there doesn't appear to be a process around co-ordinating
documentation aside from people tagging the document they're working on. I
was wondering if the Jira "Documentation" component* couldn't be used to a
greater extent. Essentially we'd likely have 2 types of tickets - a bug for
errors/typos/etc and a task for new/modifying doco. Perhaps a Lead for the
component may also be useful.

This would mean that people could allocate themsleves a ticket and keep it
updated to let people know that it's actively being worked on.

Lastly, I assume that the Apache 2 licence covers the documentation...




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