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From Steve Amerige <>
Subject String to Array of Substrings by delimiter
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2015 15:34:49 GMT
Hi all,

Suppose you have:

     String s = '/a/b/c/d'     // guaranteed to begin with a / and have 
at least one substring sequence after the /; can have more than 4 as 
shown in this example

and I want the result:

     [ '/a', '/a/b', '/a/b/c', '/a/b/c/d' ]

where '/' can be any single character delimiter.  What would be the 
easiest, grooviest way to get that result?

Steve Amerige
Principal Software Developer, Fraud and Compliance Solutions Development
SAS Institute, 100 SAS Campus Dr, Room U3050, Cary, NC 27513-8617

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