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From Schalk Cronjé <>
Subject [ANN] Groovy VFS 1.0 Beta 3
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2015 13:38:29 GMT
Finally got around to make the third 1.0 pre-release of Groovy VFS 

Beta 3, in addition to Beta 1,2  includes:

- Ant-style patterns. When copying files it is possible to do something like

    vfs {

        cp 'sftp://user:pass@server/folder', 'ftp://other.server/pub',

            recursive: true, overwrite: true,

            filter : antPattern {
               include 'file.txt'
               include '**/*.jpg'
               exclude '**/foo*.jpg'


- This means that the newly-added VfsCopy task for the associated Gradle 
plugin will be able to do the same and thereby mimic existing Copy task 

- Website (Yes, it has one now, all built with Asciidoctor):

- Codebase:

Beta 3, already included:

- Use of 'uri' keyword to disambiguate URIs on certain circumstances

- resolveURI is now public method, making it available to the DSL and 
for people who need an easy way of getting hold of the underlying Apache 
VFS FileObject instance.

- Ability to send arbitrary text to a remote file (from feedback at 
Gro0vy-Grails Exchange 2014).

    vfs {

        overwrite 'sftp://user:pass@server/file' with 'this text'

        append 'sftp://user:pass@server/file' with 'this text'

        overwrite 'sftp://user:pass@server/file' with 'this text', {

            // Closure takes an OutputStream
            it << 'text'



- cmdline vfs: mkdir now supports GNU options -p, --parents

- cmdline vfs: mv now supports non-GNU option --parents

- Codebase:

- Those who would like to try out the command-line version, get it at

Beta 1 already included:

- Ability to load additional providers via an 'extend' keyword in the DSL

    extend { provider className:
    '', schemes:
    ['s3'] }

- SMB provider based upon jCIFS. (Thanks to Maarten Boekhold for trying 
out the initial codebase some time ago)

- S3 provider based on jClouds. This will give the ability to provide 
VFS support to other cloud offerings too.

- Command-line utility mimicking GNU 'cp'. 'mv', 'mkdir', 'ls' and 'cat' 

- Gradle plugin built against v2.0 utilising Groovy 2.3.x and as such 
now using @CompileStatic etc.

- Ability to turn off intermediates creation when creating a directory

I expect for some bugs to appear especially in SMB & S3 support, so 
please feel free to log them at

Schalk W. Cronjé
Twitter / Ello / Toeter : @ysb33r

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