Hi All,

As I understood from the documentation, I can specify the file pattern which will be ignored by the flume agent. But when I tried it then I found that I can specify only one file pattern which will be ignored. How can I specify the value so that multiple files can be ignore by agent. For example,

I have a spool directory in which I have 3 different log files

Now I need to configure the agent source in such a way that it just reads the file log1.log and ignore filedata.log and file_post_data.log. So how do I specify this using 


Please help me if I am missing on the correct regex for this. Is it a bug? 

I tried using the following pattern but it does not work

Try 1


Try 2

In both the above approaches only the first file is ignored and not the second one. Second one is processed by flume. I want both of these files to be ignored by flume.