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From Mostafa T <mtpuls...@gmail.com>
Subject Extending AbstractAvroEventSerializer, Overriding convert(Event e)
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 15:45:41 GMT

I am writing a custom event parser by extending AbstractAvroEventSerializer.

My question is about the "protected abstract T *convert

In the implementations I found online, the event is stringified then parsed

String logline = new String(event.getBody(), Charsets.UTF_8);
String dateTime = logline.substring(seek, nextMarker);
String logLevel = logline.substring(seek, nextMarker);
full example here:

My problem with this approach is:
I believe that stringifying the event is probably not effecient.
Also my object is big and nested, it will be a nightmare to write then
maintain if I have to parse each field manually.

Any ideas how can I implement this in an efficient way both maintenance and
performance wise.

Thanks in advance!

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