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From mahendran m <mahendra...@hotmail.com>
Subject Need help on spooling directory source
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2014 05:51:29 GMT
Hi All,
I was working on moving the IIS logs into HDFS using flume spooling directory sourcei was
running the 3 website in IIS server , so my logging directory will looks like below 
|-- W3SVC1|   ||        `--website1.log||-- W3SVC1|   ||        `--website2.log|`-- W3SCV3
    `-- website3.log

Now my use case is that i want to move the log of website 3 that  is website3.log file to
HDFS. So i have configured the  CONF file as below 

agent1.sources.spool.spoolDir =C:\\inetpub\\logs\\LogFiles\\W3SVC3
and it is works perfectly . now My use case is changed that i want move all the log files
under the folder LogFiles  , now  i changed the CONF as below
agent1.sources.spool.spoolDir =C:\\inetpub\\logs\\LogFiles
but it does not working . not moving any files from LogFiles directory. How can i achieve
my use case ?
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