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From "Needham, Guy" <Guy.Need...@virginmedia.co.uk>
Subject RE: Shutdowning HDFS server leads to flume agent shutdown
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 09:36:33 GMT
Hi Mahendran,

yes that is expected behaviour - I suspect that if you look in the logs for this agent, it
will have thrown an exception when you shut down the HDFS, as it is depending on a compatible
HDFS being available.

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From: mahendran m [mailto:mahendranec@hotmail.com]
Sent: 07 November 2014 09:33
To: flume-user@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Shutdowning HDFS server leads to flume agent shutdown

Hi All,

I am new to Apache flume . I have configured using thrift source to send log to HDFS my Config
as below

# list sources, sinks and channels in the agent
a1.sources = r1
a1.sinks = k1
a1.channels = c1

# avro sink properties
a1.sources.r1.type = thrift
a1.sources.r1.bind = localhost
a1.sources.r1.port = 44444
a1.sources.r1.interceptors = i1
a1.sources.r1.interceptors.i1.type = DecoderInterceptor.CustomInterceptor$Builder

#HDFS sink
a1.sinks.k1.type = hdfs
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.fileType = DataStream
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.fileSuffix= .txt
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.rollSize = 1048576
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.rollCount = 0
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.rollInterval = 0
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.batchSize = 1000
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.minBlockReplicas = 1
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.callTimeout = 60000
a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.path = hdfs://localhost:9000/flumeChannel100/Thrift

# Use a channel which buffers events in memory
a1.channels.c1.type = memory
a1.channels.c1.capacity = 10000000
a1.channels.c1.transactionCapacity = 1000
a1.channels.c1.byteCapacityBufferPercentage = 10
a1.channels.c1.byteCapacity = 5368709120

# define the flow
a1.sources.r1.channels = c1
a1.sinks.k1.channel = c1

when i stated HDFS, flume service and generated the logs from c# application . my logs are
moved to HDFS everything OK still now. but when stopped HDFS service . flume agent itself
get stopped. Is this default behavior ? . or any wen wrong .


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