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From Jan Van Besien <ja...@ngdata.com>
Subject file channel read performance impacted by write rate
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 09:32:24 GMT

I noticed that the rate by which sinks can read from a file channel, is 
heavily dependant on the rate by which sources are writing into that 
file channel.

It can be easily tested with the null sink and a source that writes 
events one by one into the file channel.

If the source writes events one by one (at the maximum speed the file 
channel can handle), the rate at the sink is easily more than 10 times 
slower than if the source is not writing at all, or batching the writes.

I can understand that there is an impact, but the impact seems really 
big.. I have a case here where the write rate in the file channel 
(events are written one by one) is actually good enough, but the read 
rate suffers so much that that becomes a bottleneck. I can solve it with 
a memory channel in front such that the writes in the file channel are 
done in batches, but that means I loose overall durability of the events.

Any insights on this?


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