Maybe duplite 'o' when create new line in 'vi' .

2013/5/15 higkoohk <>
Ah,Just it is !!

Many thanks @ Hari Shreedharan 

2013/5/15 Hari Shreedharan <>
Your config has a typo:
tengine.sinks.hdfs4log.hdfs.rollCouont = 3600

It should be:
tengine.sinks.hdfs4log.hdfs.rollCount = 3600

Due to this typo, your files are being rolled once 10 events are written.


Hari Shreedharan

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 10:54 PM, higkoohk wrote:

I try change the source to cat or spooldir ,the effect is the same!
1. Many HDFS file like:

2. Many created logs like:

2013/5/15 higkoohk <>
Hello ,all !

   I'm a new flumer , today I use flume to collector web server logs.

   My flume config is 'flume.conf' in attachment,and it's logs named 'flume.log' in attachment.

   I found that flume would create one file per milliseconds ?

Thanks for help !