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From "cherubimsun" <cherubim...@gmail.com>
Subject I have a problem on flume ng.
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 01:35:05 GMT

hi flumes,

Can somebody help me ASAP?
When i have restart the second layer agent,the the first layer agent can not send the the
log to the second's layer and no error print out.

Here is the environment(the log has been send from first layer agent(t188) to second agent(t185)):
agent_1st[ agent] ---->agent_2nd[ agent]

After i'm fllowing the steps,the flume ng is not working:
1.start the agent_2nd(t185) and agent_1st(t188).
2.send the log.(fond the log has been sended to the agent_2nd).
3.stop the agent_2nd.
4.delete the log.
5.start the agent_2nd.
6.send the log from agent_1st 2 agent_2nd.(There is nothing in the log folder. And the flume
has't error info).

Thanks a lot!


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