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From "Xu (Simon) Chen" <xche...@gmail.com>
Subject keep event header when dump into hbase sink?
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2013 16:33:52 GMT
Hi all,

Which hbase sink keeps the event header, and how to configure it to do so?

The SimpleHbaseEventSerializer would certainly discard the header:

It doesn't look like the RegexHbaseEventSerializer does anything either.

Is there such an option, or do I have to implement my own serializer?

Basically I have a syslog source where useful information is kept in the header:

Event: { headers:{region=flp, timestamp=1357589618000, Severity=5,
host=switch1, Facility=20} body: 45 62 72 61 3A 20 25 4C 49 4E 45 50
52 4F 54 4F Ebra: %LINEPROTO }


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