you can have the conf in  same file. 

when you start the agent you give the name of agent and start it. 
you can always start a process in background in linux with & 

This does not hamper any performance as long as I know but experts may point out if I am wrong 

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I have sources to collect multiple types of logs(mainly three types). Most of them generate at least two types of logs. That mean, a server generates two types of log. For my use case, I created two separate agents running on a server to collect the logs. I am running these agents in foreground using “flume-ng agent –n agent1” command, so two flume process.


Now, I have doubt, should I merge these two agents configuration into single flume.conf file? If I want to continue to use two different conf file, then how can I run the two agents in background? Is there any known performance issue with any of these approaches?


Please share your suggestions and thoughts.



Thanks & Regards,

Ashutosh Sharma




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