If the channel were full, each event requires 32 bytes of in-heap memory. So an agent with a capacity of 100 million would require heap of at the very least 3GB but I would set 3.5GB to be safe.


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Ah okay, thanks!† I think I might just start a second instance of flume with an updated config and then flip the application layer over.

Is there a maximum value that the FIleChannel capacity will accept?† Would setting this value really high result in any performance impact?

Each of my collectors processes about 10MM events per day, so in the event the sink fails during a weekend, I donít want it to fill up and lose events.† Iím thinking of setting the capacity to 100MM.



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The FileChannel actually uses a fixed size checkpoint file -- so it is not possible to set it to unlimited size (the checkpoint file is mmap-ed to a fixed size buffer). To change the capacity of the channel, the easiest way off the top of my head is:

* Shutdown the agent.

* Delete all files in the file channel's checkpoint directory. (not the data directories. Also you might want to move them out, rather than delete to be safe)

* Change your configuration to increase the capacity of the channel.

* Restart the agent - this will cause full replay, so the agent might take sometime to start up if there are a lot of events in the channel (to avoid this - shutdown the source before shutting the agent down - so the sink can drain out the channel completely, wait for about 1-2†mins after the channel is empty so that the data files get deleted (this happens only immediately after a checkpoint - you can verify this by making sure each data dir has only 2 files each), since all events have been sent out†- so during restart the channel will be quite empty, with very little to replay).

Hope this helps.




Hari Shreedharan

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I am having issue with a slow sink (not flume related) but it is causing my file channel to overflow.† When trying to increase it I get the following error but canít seem to find the setting it refers to in any of the documentation.† Additionally, is there a way to set the file channel to unlimited?† It doesnít seem to like 0.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Channel closed [channel=collectorfile]. Due to java.lang.IllegalStateException: Configured capacity is 100000000 but the† checkpoint file capacity is 1000000. See FileChannel documentation on how to change a channels capacity.



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