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From Rahul Ravindran <rahu...@yahoo.com>
Subject Guarantees of the memory channel for delivering to sink
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2012 21:32:05 GMT
   I am very new to Flume and we are hoping to use it for our log aggregation into HDFS.
I have a few questions below:

FileChannel will double our disk IO, which will affect IO performance on certain performance
sensitive machines. Hence, I was hoping to write a custom Flume source which will use a memory
channel, and which will perform checkpointing. The checkpoint will be updated each time we
perform a successive insertion into the memory channel. (I realize that this results in a
risk of data, the maximum size of which is the capacity of the memory channel).

   As long as there is capacity in the memory channel buffers, does the memory channel guarantee
delivery to a sink (does it wait for acknowledgements, and retry failed packets)? This would
mean that we need to ensure that we do not exceed the channel capacity.

I am writing a custom source which will use the memory channel, and which will catch a ChannelException
to identify any channel capacity issues(so, buffer used in the memory channel is full because
of lagging sinks/network issues etc). Is that a reasonable assumption to make?

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