hadoop-0.20.0 more closely matches CDH3 which as of CDH3u4 also has a Flume 1.x package. In regards to the dependencies, you might be able to install the RPM's with the --no-deps option. However, note that you in "hack" territory here.



On Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 4:46 AM, mardan Khan <mardan8310@gmail.com> wrote:
Can I installed Flume1.x without installing the CDH4 full package. Actually, I have already installed hadoop-0.20.0 version and runing properly. I have download the CDH4 package for flume but also download the hadoop. Can it is possible to just download the Flume1.x , install and than connect to hadoop (which i have i donwloaded from apache website, it is not the CDH4).

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