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From Shumin Wu <shumin...@gmail.com>
Subject Is Flume NG good for production?
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 02:37:49 GMT

I have been using Flume 0.9.4/5 for a while. Now I am thinking of migrating
to Flume NG. But there are a fews things I would like to make sure before I
do that.

1. As my application needs flume to connect with a legacy MySql database, I
wrote my own JDBC channel plugin using the goodies from Spring framework.
Flume NG's JdbcChannelProviderImpl uses DBCP.  What is the best practice
say if I want to use my Spring jdbc channel? Does the current framework
allow me to write a plugin? Or should I just make a patch?

2.  How does NG's plugin framework differ from OG? I still want to use the
flume-plugin-hbasesink. Maybe I have missed something, but the page of
"Flume and HBase Integration" does not mention this. Neither does the Flume
NG document.

3. How good is Flume NG for a production environment in general? Anyone in
the community already tried it out in production already?



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